Shayla LaVeaux, Jay Crew, Raquel Devine

Las Vegas 2016

Bally's Upside Down, for Some Reason
The view from the top.

I hope everyone’s 2016 is off to a great start!!?

This was my 5th AVN in a row, that I decided to just go out to LV wander around, shoot videos and just enjoy the show instead of signing at a booth; You see it differently and enjoy other aspects of it.  I grabbed lunch with old friends , be bopped around and just had fun; Things have really changed in the past 20yrs!! We can discuss that later.

At the end of my trip I realized, I was so wrapped up in enjoying the moments i didn’t take any pictures.  I did shoot 2  videos for, a G/G with the Sweet and seductive, Sexy Vanessa and a HOT BG with Jay Crew. I have known Jay since the beggining, he shot most of my early videos (VHS that is) I consider he and his wife to be very good friend, it’s nice to have friends that you can just fuck. I had 3 more shoots set up, but unfortunately; I am learning the week of AEE is a tough time to book talent.  Hmmmm, that just got me thinking maybe I should have shot some Fan Sexxx scene’s instead?

Shayla LaVeaux by the window
The afterglow, from my BG scene.

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  1. Whoa, two posts by Shayla in a row? I’m having 2011 flashbacks! Don’t take what Shayla said about reviving Fan Sexxx too seriously just yet. There might be a few legal entanglements regarding who actually owns that series title. Not saying that something not unlike it would be entirely out of the question.

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